A Letter to Baby Jesus

When Alistair announced that he no longer believed in “the Santa hoax,” we were left breathless.  After all these years of hastily written Santa letters left on the coffee table expectantly, we didn’t know what to do on Christmas Eve after worship.  So this year, we are starting a new tradition.  We are writing a letter to Baby Jesus.  And instead of asking for gifts, we are offering gifts to him with a prayer that they will be a way of working with him to make our world look a bit more like the kingdom he announced.  This is our first annual letter to baby Jesus.  It is a collaborative effort, and unpolished, just us offering our hearts and efforts to work with Jesus to heal our world.Image

24 December 2013

Dear Baby Jesus,

We are happy to have you being born on this very important day.  We live in a broken world that needs to be healed.  We ask that you come into our lives to provide healing.  As people, we have a hard time loving each other, which leads to conflicts in families and in communities, and even among nations.  We need you to help us love one another.  We are concerned about your creation, and all the animals.  We need you to help us accept one another for who we really are.  Help us see your kingdom and find life with you in it.

On that night so long ago when you were born into the world, some Magi saw your star and followed it to find you with your adopted family of Mary and Joseph.  They brought you gifts to celebrate your birth.  This year, we want to offer you some gifts too.

Alistair will donate 20% of his Christmas money to give to the World Wildlife Fund because he really loves animals and is concerned about all the endangered species.  We pray his gift will help heal your creation.

Will will donate 20% of his Christmas money (and some other money that’s been sitting around) to the Southern Poverty Law Center where it can be used to reach out to students and teachers across the country.  It will help fight against all kinds of bullying, to reach across all kinds of boundaries, and to promote equality.  It will help students learn what they need to know to be successful in life.  We pray his gift will help heal your children.

Tom and Elizabeth will give $500 to support the college education of Mao Theary, a student in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  In a land that has been broken by poverty and genocide and human trafficking, this is one way we can bear your light and invest in the life of one young woman to help her become the person you created her to be.  We pray this gift will help bring peace and possibility.

We are so glad you are here with us.  We welcome you into our family, and into our lives.  You are not a stranger among us.  You are our friend.  We are so glad you are here with us.


Tom, Elizabeth, Will and Alistair


About Tom Rand

Tom Rand is an apprentice of Jesus, a biblical scholar and storyteller who is passionate about worship, teaching and formation into the Christ-like living. He lives in Toledo, Ohio and serves as the pastor of Sylvania First United Methodist Church.
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1 Response to A Letter to Baby Jesus

  1. Good parenting and faithful discipleship. Thanks for sharing your family tradition with us.

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