Holy week Prayers: Saturday

Mark 15:40-47
O Lord, Jesus, you were always a guest here. Born in a stable, raised by an adoptive father, you were an itinerant teacher, healer, and prophet who had no place to lay your head. Even in death, you became a guest in a borrowed tomb. You call us to follow you, to be your disciples, but on days like this, the full meaning of “follow me” begins to dawn on us. It is hard to live always as a guest, never really at home anywhere, our feet firmly on the ground but our eyes turned steadfastly toward you. We are but pilgrims on this journey with you. Give us courage to live unafraid of the consequences of our faith, to receive hospitality gratefully and offer it generously, to confront the powers of this world that have no authority because of you. Even our bodies are not ours, crafted so intricately in your Father’s imagination. Fill us with your Holy Spirit that we may always use our lives to glorify you. Amen.


About Tom Rand

Tom Rand is an apprentice of Jesus, a biblical scholar and storyteller who is passionate about worship, teaching and formation into the Christ-like living. He lives in Toledo, Ohio and serves as the pastor of Sylvania First United Methodist Church.
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