Holy Week Prayers: Friday

Mark 15:21-39
O Lord, Jesus, as the many passed by your cross wagging their tongues and shaking their heads, they mocked you and belittled you with your own words. They put you down because you weren’t the messiah they were looking for, because you obviously weren’t all that you made yourself out to be. Messiahs don’t die…not like…that. O Lord Jesus, I have been known to wag my tongue and shake my head. I have mocked and belittled others. I have exalted pride over humility, power over self-emptying love. I have averted my eyes from the deep pain of our world because I’d rather not go there. Yet if I want to see you, that is where you are. As I kneel at the foot of the cross today, I realize that you died not just for me, but for the many I have judged and mocked and belittled, for the many I have preferred not to see. Crucified Messiah, open my eyes that I may see and receive you, even in unexpected places. Amen.


About Tom Rand

Tom Rand is an apprentice of Jesus, a biblical scholar and storyteller who is passionate about worship, teaching and formation into the Christ-like living. He lives in Toledo, Ohio and serves as the pastor of Sylvania First United Methodist Church.
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