Holy Week Prayers: Monday

Mark 14:10-25

O Lord Jesus, I confess that I, like Judas, seek the intimacy of your presence while my heart remains occupied elsewhere. I have visions for who you are and what you will be that are only illusions, projections of who I am and who I wish I could be. I betray you whenever I choose the illusion over time spent in your real presence. O Lord, draw my attention to the bowl in which we share the communion of life. In the bread of your body broken, the cup of your life outpoured, you invite me again to share with you in a self-giving way that does not seek escape from the pain and suffering of this world, but rather finds eternal life springing up even from the dust of death. Amen.


About Tom Rand

Tom Rand is an apprentice of Jesus, a biblical scholar and storyteller who is passionate about worship, teaching and formation into the Christ-like living. He lives in Toledo, Ohio and serves as the pastor of Sylvania First United Methodist Church.
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